Say Cheese! The importance of good photographs

Taking pictures these days is more important than ever for selling your listings and this responsibility falls to the seller or their agent.

Presenting your listing through pictures is a key part of the process, if not the most important part. Potential buyers are looking, with great interest and a discriminating eye at properties most always first on the internet, and if something “catches” their eye they will hopefully contact the listing agent or their own agent they are working with.

You are telling a story about the property starting with the “condition” with baths and kitchens being most looked at, “curb” appeal and where it is located, how it flows from one room to the next and exterior features including some pleasing landscape details.  “Could I live here” is a question that goes through most viewers’ minds and of course the answer we want to promote is “yes”.

It goes with out saying that when you are taking pictures you want the rooms to be as “clutter free” as possible. Potential clients get discouraged and distracted by unmade beds, clothes on the floor or bed, dishes in the sink, pans on the stove, cabinets open, and toilet seats up (my pet peeve) to name a few, and don’t see the space or “hidden beauty”!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Let’s make it an easy choice!

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Say Cheese!