Pet owners Guide to Selling Your Home

Selling your home with pets adds an extra wrinkle to the process. Here are a three important tips to follow for making home showings for pet owners as seamless as possible.

Keep your pets out of the house during showings.

Keep your pet safe from visitors and visitors safe from your pet. Showing a home with a pet can be challenging for buyer agents. Pets at home alone can become anxious and even dangerous when an unexpected stranger walks in with a home buyer. Distressed dogs and cats can escape the house and disappear or get hurt. This puts a lot of pressure on the agent and can leave buyers traumatized and uninterested in your home. Pets are cute but not everyone likes them! Keep that in mind and make arrangements for your pet to be out of the house during showings. See if a family member or close friend can help you out if you are unable to take your animals with you during the day. You can also take advantage of options like doggy day care. If it is not possible to have your pets out of the house, keep them caged.

Remove odors!

“Does the smell come with the house too?” That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard from a buyer, but the bottom line is, you want the answer to be “no.” If you are living with pets you need to keep your animals smelling fresh and your home clean. Have a friend or your realtor come over for a sniff test. Ask them to be honest with you; pet odors are a real turn-off for the majority of today’s picky buyers, and if you live with them you might not even notice. You don’t want your home to be remembered for its smell!

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Clean up the yard

Imagine buyers walking through your yard and stepping in dog doo. There goes that sale! Remove the offending matter and avoid the problem. If you don’t want to do it yourself, definitely check out They will clean up whatever you need for a fair price. You may also want to repair the grass in your yard, depending on your situation. Fresh grass is always a perk when your house is on display anyway!

We all love our pets, but when it comes to the business of selling your home don’t assume that others will love your pet, too. Take the steps necessary to minimize the impact of your pets on your home and during showings while your home is on the market.

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