Make A Good Real Estate “First Impression”

My parents always told me when I was growing up that “first impressions” matter.  What others see first can often instill a feeling of ease and comfort or possibly a negative vibe.  I think the same can be said of a buyer’s “first impression” of a home they might be viewing.

Most of us have purchased a home for ourselves and can remember walking through the front door and being overtaken by that great feeling of “coming home”.  We felt like we belonged there.  If buyers can’t picture themselves living there, they are not likely to buy it.  Your realtor can help you create that good “first impression” potential by making some basic suggestions for “staging” your home.  No need to bring in professional company just yet if your home is still furnished.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • De-clutter
  • Remove most family photos
  • Let the light shine in
  • Arrange and use smaller furniture if possible
  • Bright color accents
  • Mirrors for showing openness
  • Clean floors and carpets
  • Placement of plants
  • Remove pets when possible
  • Fresh flowers
  • Good smells, fresh baking, natural air fresheners

Let’s get the most for your investment by taking a little time and minimal cost by following these easy “staging” steps.

Just a few listing tips.  I would love to talk more.  Give me a call.  203-410-0876