Keeping Up Appearances to Attract Buyers to Your Home!

The next time you drive home, take an unvarnished look at how inviting your house looks from the street. Try to see your home through the eyes of a potential buyer, and honestly evaluate what their first impression might be. Next, take a walk around the house – keep your “buyer goggles” on!

These photos are of  the Stratford, CT home I bought and then sold. Guess which is before and which is after!

Here are some things in particular to pay attention to when selling your home:

Paint: If you have faded or peeling paint, scrape it and touch it up.  Your paint dealer will be able to match the color (which may have faded & is no longer the color you chose originally).  For smartphone users, Benjamin Moore has created a Color Capture App – just snap a photo for paint match suggestions! Touch things up primarily at eye level and 3 feet above, unless the home is in serious need of a full paint job. Paint the front door!

Enhance the Curb Appeal: Take a look at the foundation plantings. If they are overgrown, trim them. Remove any stuff you might have stored in your yard. Consider hanging a great wreath on the front door. Place a pot of seasonal plants on the front porch. If it’s Winter, use cut greens and berries. Use natural materials for your selections.

“Decorate” Outside: For example, I removed the outdated aluminum awnings. Use lawn furniture and potted plants to create “outdoor living” areas.

The Lawn: Reseed or replug where necessary,  I did both, plugs for Zoygia grass and seed for other areas. Water lots and after your new plantings are established, and keep the lawn trimmed.