Happy St. Patrick’s Day – Get Your Green On!

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated globally on March 17th every year – the date the Patron Saint died.

The celebration of all things Irish, has evolved into a day, or more, of parades, festivals, special foods and green everywhere! My thoughts go back to special times celebrating at a local restaurant in the town I grew up in. The best St. Patty’s Day celebration happened at Darien’s Post Tavern. Owners, Gracie and Bill surrounded by friends, family and customers turned this holiday in to a sometimes weekend long party with all the fixings, music and dancing.

There are many reasons we still dress in green; it is one of the colors of the Irish flag, the country is nicknamed the Emerald Isle which is so green from all that rain and the beloved green Shamrock. In Chicago, the river is even dyed green in honor of the day. We drink green beer and eat green bagels. Irish coffee, corned beef and cabbage is a traditional meal and in past years we have consumed as much as 26.1 billion pounds of corned beef for a single holiday!

The first parade took place in New York City, and the biggest parades are still held in NYC and Boston. These fun and uplifting parades would not be complete without the marching bands and Irish dancers.

However you choose to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, here is an Irish blessing toast for when you take that first sip of green beer;

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through your door!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day – A day we are all a little bit Irish!