Halloween Decorations & Helpful Hints for Home Sellers

During the fall season, many homeowners decorate for the halloween tradition. The decorations vary, and some are a little over the top, which you will see in some of these pictures from a local neighborhood. While I truly enjoy seeing all the creativity expressed by these homeowners, it is important, as a home seller, to remember the importance of a buyer’s first impression.

For most home-buyers, their first impression is formed by photographs of the house. Therefore, it’s probably best to avoid taking seasonal photos like these. You don’t want a potential buyer to view your home as weird, creepy, voodoo or hocus-pocus!

Another important thing to keep in mind is that your listing pictures could be there past the season, so make sure to change the photos with the season. You don’t want to draw attention to the length of time your home has been listed for sale. Check your listing pictures from time to time and talk to your agent if you are not comfortable with the pictures. Keeping your photos current will help you to attract the greatest number of potential buyers and get your home sold quickly!