Trumbull Connecticut

Trumbull CT Real Estate and Area Information

Trumbull, Connecticut is a beautiful, family-friendly suburb with an active community and one of the best school systems in Connecticut. RealtyQuest can help you find the perfect home in Trumbull, CT. Before you start looking for that perfect property, here is a little information about Trumbull.

About the Town of Trumbull

Trumbull Connecticut is beautiful suburban enclave with some of the best private and public schools in the state. Recreational facilities are plentiful and access to major highways is effortless. With over 1,300 acres of public parks and nature preserves as well as a one-acre lot minimum on all new construction, real estate in Trumbull will remain desirable well into the future.

Trumbull Real Estate

A flourishing population of upwardly mobile families makes Trumbull a most desirable place to live. More than 50% of its residences are single family homes that have been built within the last 30 years. Residents are careful to protect the town’s quiet country atmosphere as well as the appearance of their properties. Homes are available in many different sizes and architectural styles including colonials, ranches and more contemporary designs. A one-acre lot minimum is required for new construction.

Recreation in Trumbull

In keeping with its family orientation, Trumbull has extensive outdoor amenities. Over 1,300 acres are designated as public parks and preserved areas. There are numerous public and private golf courses, as well as tennis courts and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Residents also enjoy fishing and boating at three area lakes. The Tashua Recreation Center sponsors a variety of athletic and social events.

Trumbull Schools

The area offers a fine selection of private schools and the public school system is considered to be among the best in the state. The University of Connecticut and Sacred Heart University provide local high school students with opportunities for advanced placement in their senior year. Fairfield University promotes a Young Scholars program.

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