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Stamford CT Real Estate and Area Information

Stamford, Connecticut is Fairfield County’s most bustling city. While many of Stamford’s residential communities enjoy views of the beautiful Long Island Sound, the heart of Stamford is home to a multitude businesses, and is an easy commute to New York City. RealtyQuest can help you find the perfect home in Stamford, CT. Before you start looking for that perfect property, here is a little information about Stamford.

About the Town of Stamford

Stamford, Connecticut is the most prosperous city in Fairfield County. A number of major financial corporations are headquartered there, and Stamford’s Transportation Center is the first and last major stop in Connecticut. It’s an easy 45 minute train ride from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station. North Stamford and the beach community at Shippan Point are home to some of the higher end real estate; eastern and western sections of the city contain more modest neighborhoods. With lively nightlife and a large arts community Stamford is a young, dynamic city.

More of a mini-Manhattan than a quaint New England town, Stamford is the most prosperous city on the southwest coast of Connecticut. Home to many large corporations and a center of finance, Stamford’s downtown area features clusters of high-rise buildings. The Stamford Center for the Arts, consisting of the Forum, features headline entertainment from classical music to top comedians and popular musicians.

Stamford’s bustling business center is surrounded by dozens of residential communities and neighborhoods each with its own unique character. Large estates and higher income residents characterize North Stamford, the region to the north of the Merritt Parkway. Communities to the east and west of town such as Glenbrook and Springdale are populated with middle class homes and condominiums.

Stamford Transportation

Stamford is also a major stop on the Metro North Railway, which runs from New Haven to New York City. Many of Stamford’s residents commute daily to work in Manhattan. Grand Central Station is only a 45-minute ride from the Stamford train station.

Stamford Real Estate

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