Shelton Connecticut Real Estate

A comfortable combination of residential neighborhoods and commercial enterprise makes Shelton an attractive middle class town. RealtyQuest can help you find the perfect home in Shelton, CT. Before you start looking for that perfect property, here is a little information about Shelton.

About the Town of Shelton

Shelton Connecticut is seated in the picturesque lower Naugatuck valley. The colonial village of Huntington remains a part of the town with its original town green and many historic homes. Shelton’s close proximity to major highways has made it attractive to technology and manufacturing businesses. The real estate market is strong with many moderately priced single family homes and condominiums.

Originally known as Huntington, the town of Shelton has retained much of the natural beauty and New England character of its past despite considerable commercial development. Its close proximity to major highways has attracted a number of prominent high-technology and manufacturing businesses, and the town continues to actively cultivate new growth.

Residents enjoy outdoor activities at the unspoiled Indian Well State Park and the nearby Housatonic River. Other leisure opportunities include a sports complex and several private golf clubs.

Shelton supports a fine school system with special programs for students with disabilities. Adults can participate in evening continuing education classes and the public library is a comfortable study environment for all ages.

Shelton CT Real Estate

Shelton’s residential areas feature carefully planned clusters of traditional single-family homes in a range of sizes and price levels. Attractive condominium complexes are nicely incorporated into the landscape. The original colonial village of Huntington features a beautiful Town Green and a number of historic homes and structures.