New Haven Connecticut

New Haven CT Real Estate and Area Information

New Haven, Connecticut, home to the prestigious Yale University, is a culturally rich, energized city with a diverse real estate market. RealtyQuest can help you find the perfect home in New Haven, CT. Before you start looking for that perfect property, here is a little information about New Haven.

About the Town of New Haven

New Haven Connecticut is one of major metropolitan areas of New England. Home to Yale University, the community reflects the diversity that Yale itself draws. The city boasts an impressive collection of museums, churches, theatres and parks as well as the world renowned Yale-New Haven Hospital. The housing market is as diverse as the population, with everything from artist’s lofts to sprawling suburban estates; New Haven has it all.

Known for its history of fine colleges and universities, the city has become synonymous with Yale University. This great institution has drawn people from all over the world and infused New Haven with an eclectic gathering of museums, an assortment of restaurants and a mixture of unusual and highbrow shops. Abundant shopping and international eateries exist throughout the city, including many offbeat shops, specialty boutiques, major department stores and factory outlets. In addition, suburban malls in surrounding towns supplement the options of downtown New Haven.

The Yale campus dominates most of the area to the immediate west of the stately New Haven Green, the town center that was laid out at the village’s inception in 1638. A trio of architecturally intriguing 19th century churches line the green. Chapel Avenue, to the west, has a bustling street life comparable to the bohemian neighborhoods of Boston and New York City. New Haven also boasts one of New England’s more significant theatre scenes, second only to Boston’s.

New Haven Recreation and Amenities

New Haven has over 2,300 acres reserved for parks and nature settings. The Long Island Sound on the south coast offers ample opportunities for boating, fishing and swimming especially along the panoramic Lighthouse Point Park and Long Wharf Drive.

New Haven Real Estate

The diversity of lifestyles in New Haven have generated in a wide diversity of housing alternatives. Pricing levels vary from modern apartment complexes with artsy studios and lofts to high-end condominiums, historic homes, charming brownstones and traditional suburban neighborhoods with single and multi-family homes.

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