Bridgeport Connecticut

Bridgeport CT Real Estate and Area Information

Bridgeport, Connecticut is rich with the history of Connecticut’s industrial beginnings and is currently undergoing citywide revitalization efforts, making it a great investment opportunity in Fairfield County. RealtyQuest can help you find the perfect home in Bridgeport, CT. Before you start looking for that perfect property, here is a little information about Bridgeport.  You can also find homes for sale listed at the bottom of this page.

About the Town of Bridgeport

Bridgeport Connecticut has possibly the most beautiful beaches in Connecticut and this up and coming city is host to some of the best investment opportunities in Fairfield County.

Bridgeport is one of the oldest urban communities in the United States. Perched along the scenic shores of the Long Island Sound at the foot of both the Housatonic and Saugatuck Rivers, the city is also a prominent commercial center with over 500 industries and businesses providing a wealth of employment opportunities for its residents and others from neighboring communities.

The city has a large and culturally diverse population and neighborhoods vary economically. An aggressive city revitalization project is beginning to return Bridgeport to some of its former grandeur with plans for new corporate office buildings and commercial development.

The city runs along interstate highway 95 and the Metro North Railroad. Ferry services provide convenient travel to New York City, New Haven and parts of Long Island.

Bridgeport Amenities

Historically, Bridgeport might best be known as the hometown of P.T. Barnum, the founder of the famous circus that still bears his name. The Barnum Museum on Main Street is considered the jewel of the downtown area. A bit further to the north is the Discovery Museum, a science oriented series of exhibits that kids can touch and operate to learn about electricity, sound, light and other natural phenomena. The Beardsley Zoological Gardens is a 32 acre walking park that features an exotic array of wild and endangered animal species.

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